Taking careof business,and our planet

Taking careof business,and our planet

At TPS, sustainability is always our goal

Using environmentally-friendly bio-degradable cleaning products, alongside innovations around waste management and recycling, we’ll support your organisation to reduce your impact on the environment. Plus provide your teams with healthier and cleaner working spaces.

From enzyme cleaning solutions to worm farms, we’re constantly looking for the next eco-friendly innovation

Plus we source sustainably – we were one of the first companies in New Zealand to adopt green chemicals for commercial cleaning – and we’re always searching for new ways to provide sustainable and innovative approaches to waste, power and overhead management.

We also help companies split waste streams by materials, recycle waste associated with maintenance and building, and can even take care of donations and recycling of old office equipment if required, so it doesn’t end up in landfill.

So, from peace of mind when it comes to the cleaning process, through to your general business sustainability credentials, TPS truly do look after everything.

Encouraging Circular Economies

We’re reducing waste by helping organisations move from a linear ‘take, make, waste’ model to a circular ‘borrow, use, reuse, return’ approach to reduce waste to landfill.

Also contributing to a circular economy, we have developed a model that uses a building’s green waste to support living gardens that produce food that goes back into the organisation for consumption.


We have introduced rescue bees to sites, housing them in hives on decks and rooftops. As bees are responsible for pollinating ¾ of the plants producing 90% of the world’s food, this contributes to a much greater cause.

An added benefit of this is the production of nectar from our hives can be a by-product to staff or clients with branded honey and other products.

Green Star Accredited

As a member of the NZ Green Building Council, we’re able to provide policies and cleaning methodologies to improve the green star performance rating of your buildings.

We do this by using cleaning methods that reduce carbon emissions, particularly in hygiene servicing, and utilising equipment that reduces power consumption and chemical use.