TPS Passive Fire Solutions

TPS Passive Fire Solutions

When it comes to fire safety, we’ll make sure you’re well looked after

Passive Fire Protection, or PFP – which focuses on containing fires or slowing their spread – is an essential safety element in every commercial building. At its heart are fire-resistant walls, floors and doors that comply with current building codes, ensuring fire cannot easily spread through gaps for pipes and cabling.

TPS are experts in the area, dedicated to keeping you and your asset safe

Our qualified team consult and deliver Passive Fire Solutions for all commercial buildings, including site consultations. We’ll meet onsite, walk you through
the process and manage it to completion. So you can rest assured that you’ve got exactly the solution you need.

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    We’ll take care of everything to do with Passive Fire Protection

    Immediate and planned maintenance

    We provide the register, marked plans and PS3

    Plus any relevant technical advice necessary

    Keeping you up to date with current building and safety regulations

    Comprehensive documentation

    For compliance and insurance purposes