TPS Commercial Property Maintenance

TPS Commercial Property Maintenance

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At TPS, we’ll meet your commercial property maintenance needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our highly-skilled and qualified tradespeople include builders, electricians, plumbers, and painters allowing us to tackle a wide range of commercial and industrial maintenance tasks. And our team pride themselves on providing services on-time, on-budget and at competitive rates. Plus, because no two properties are the same, we our tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our Commercial Property Maintenance Services

From general maintenance to carpet cleaning, electrical and data maintenance, painting and graffiti control, height access solutions and much more, we provide the full range of commercial property maintenance services.

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    Our Commercial Property Maintenance Services

    Repairs and Maintenance

    From gardening and water blasting, to office moves and odd jobs, one-off repairs to on-going…

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    Electrical and Data

    Our licensed, registered expert electricians complete any job safely and to the highest standard,…

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    Our certified plumbers cover installations and maintenance of water, stormwater and wastewater…

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    Our professional trade-certified team can cover any surface at any height. From refreshing your…

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    Our specialised roof repair and maintenance teams ensure your roof and flashings are weather-proof…

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    From renovations to refits, our LBP qualified carpenters, builders and handypeople deliver on all…

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    Project Management

    Our experienced project managers help you plan out works on any scale, plus provide full costings,…

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    From welding to steel fabrication, security fencing, pump fitting and more, we provide complete…

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    Passive Fire Solutions

    Passive Fire Protection, or PFP – which focuses on containing fires or slowing their spread - is an…

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    HVAC is a critical part of an effective building, easily accounting for up to 40% of energy costs.

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    Taking care of your commercial property in the most cost-effective way

    Our friendly TPS account managers take the time to better understand your business and your property, working collaboratively to find opportunities to enhance your space and feed into initiatives like sustainability if appropriate. That means our competitive prices are customised to your unique requirements. If you would like a personalised property maintenance quote, why not contact our helpful team?

    Property Maintenance that also looks after the planet

    Sustainability is at our core. So whether you’d like to improve your property’s recycling, upgrade to LED lighting or reduce your electricity usage, remember our commercial property maintenance team can help.

    Commercial Property Maintenance FAQs

    What is commercial property maintenance?

    Commercial property maintenance is carried out on places of business and includes installation and general upkeep of a building’s facilities. Commercial property maintenance companies can assist with a wide range of settings including offices, businesses, sports facilities, and any kind of property where business maintenance services are required.

    What’s included in commercial property maintenance?

    Commercial property maintenance services include a wide range of general maintenance such as electrical and data, plumbing and painting services, carpet cleaning services, and more.

    How do you choose a commercial property maintenance company?

    When choosing a commercial property maintenance company, the trust that a client has for the company is an important factor, as well as pricing. Look for a company with a proven track record and relevant testimonials from other reputable businesses.

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