TPS External Building Inspections

TPS External Building Inspections

Taking care of your commercial property building inspections

Our External Building inspections provide you, and your consulting professionals, with valuable information and visual evidence of your building’s current condition including detailed photographic and written reports.

Our inspectors will help you identify any issues at a manageable stage

Inspection findings from building façade surveys and roof and gutter inspections may include loose and damaged flashings, cracks and damage to exterior cladding caused by corrosion, perishing rubber seals in windows, joint expansion in precast concrete slabs, and blocked gutters. Spotting these problems when they first arise will prevent wider issues developing, saving time and money. Plus an on-going maintenance programme based on inspection findings can help you get the most out of your asset.

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    Expert building inspections that cover every detail

    Early identification of problem areas

    Helping prevent further damage or more expensive future repairs

    A wide range of inspection services

    Including building facade surveys and roof and gutter inspections

    Detailed photographic and written reports

    Maintenance and repair plans

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