TPS Water Blasting and Low-pressure Chemical Washing

TPS Water Blasting and Low-pressure Chemical Washing

Commercial property wash downs mean a new lease on life for your asset

New Zealand is a harsh environment for buildings. Fortunately Water Blasting is a great way to protect your asset from the extremities. From building warranty wash-downs to low-pressure chemical washes our fully certified team can deliver exactly the right option for your building’s needs.

Plus we can help you implement an exterior cleaning maintenance programme

This will extend the life of your paintwork and protect your building, improving the return on your investment and reducing long-term costs.

Experienced experts in the field providing a range of leading cleaning solutions

We’re familiar with all types of cladding and utilise specialist knowledge, market leading equipment and techniques, plus eco-friendly chemicals, to protect both your asset and the environment. Our hot and cold-water blasting service covers a wide range of industrial and commercial applications (like the cleaning of public areas such as plazas and concourses). And we’re also heritage buildings specialists. Heritage buildings obviously require extra care. And we have years of experience in maintaining the exteriors of many heritage sites.

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    We’ll take care of all your commercial property water blasting and cleaning needs

    Building warranty wash-downs

    Specialised heritage building care

    Hot and Cold Water Blasting services for all industrial and commercial applications

    Management of exterior maintenance cleaning programmes