TPS Project Management

TPS Project Management

Let us take care of the project for you

Our experienced project managers can help you plan out works on any scale, from small to large and everything in between. We’ll provide full costings, arrange tradespeople, create detailed timings, and more, taking care of practically every detail to ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

Whether it’s repairing, maintaining or upgrading your Commercial Property, TPS Project Management will look after everything

This includes a comprehensive building condition inspection if required which includes identification of problems such as existing and potential future building element failure. And when it comes to repairs, a detailed written report is also provided, including photos, probable causes and repair budgets. Plus specifications can also be supplied for open tendering, where required.

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    Trust TPS Management to get the job sorted, on-time and on-budget

    Building condition inspection

    Including a detailed written report

    Specifications for open tendering

    Preventative maintenance

    Including electrical checks, gutter cleans and energy efficiency analysis

    A free defects condition assessment

    For each response maintenance job