Water Blasting and Exterior Care

TPS Water Blasting and Low-pressure Chemical Washing

TPS Water Blasting and Low-pressure Chemical Washing

Commercial property wash downs mean a new lease on life for your asset

New Zealand is a harsh environment for buildings. Fortunately Water Blasting is a great way to protect your asset from the extremities. From building warranty wash-downs to low-pressure chemical washes our fully certified team can deliver exactly the right option for your building’s needs.

Plus we can help you implement an exterior cleaning maintenance programme

This will extend the life of your paintwork and protect your building, improving the return on your investment and reducing long-term costs.

Experienced experts in the field providing a range of leading cleaning solutions

We’re familiar with all types of cladding and utilise specialist knowledge, market leading equipment and techniques, plus eco-friendly chemicals, to protect both your asset and the environment. Our hot and cold-water blasting service covers a wide range of industrial and commercial applications (like the cleaning of public areas such as plazas and concourses). And we’re also heritage buildings specialists. Heritage buildings obviously require extra care. And we have years of experience in maintaining the exteriors of many heritage sites.

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    We’ll take care of all your commercial property water blasting and cleaning needs

    Building warranty wash-downs

    Specialised heritage building care

    Hot and Cold Water Blasting services for all industrial and commercial applications

    Management of exterior maintenance cleaning programmes

    Washroom and Hygiene Supplies

    TPS Washroom and Hygiene Supplies

    TPS Washroom and Hygiene Supplies

    Cleaning up the hassle and making it easy

    We’ll provide you with a bespoke customised service to take care of all your washroom needs and can tailor range of options to suit. We’ll review and assess the site, plus the usage and the scale required to facilitate the best outcomes. And we’re highly responsive – we don’t just work to a schedule, we assess the situation on a daily or weekly basis to ensure that your expectations are always met.

    A one-stop shop approach, so everything’s easy and seamless

    We listened to the market and have consolidated things to remove the hassle often caused by having multiple suppliers. By partnering with many local NZ manufacturers, we’re able to offer our clients the best total solution, integrating what was usually delivered by numerous providers.

    And our Washroom and Hygiene Supplies don’t cost the earth

    Our suppliers create their products sustainably, harnessing renewable energy and resources in their creation. And we’re always exploring potentially better, more sustainable solutions wherever possible. Plus our recommendations – built upon reports and analysis we can provide – help reduce cost, and increase efficiency.

    Call or contact us via our simple form to find out how we can take care of keeping on top of everything Washroom and Hygiene Supplies related.

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      Making sure Washrooms are always taken care of

      Site and usage assessment

      Always on approach – when there’s a need we’ll meet it

      On-going reports and analysis to maximise cost-efficiency

      Pest Control

      TPS Pest Control

      TPS Pest Control

      Taking care of little creatures so they don’t become big problems

      We can manage any internal or external pest issue and have the capability to deal with practically all-known NZ pests. Should an infestation occur, our fully-qualified specialists assess the situation, identifying species to better understand the issue, then consult and deliver an eradication plan to help prevent a costly outbreak occuring. Our response times are also excellent – important as pest control is highly time-sensitive.

      We’ll recommend and implement regular pest control solutions that protect your environments around the clock

      Plus our approach is also as non-disruptive as possible, and completely based around safety.

      Call or contact us via our simple form to find out how we can take care of your pest control requirements.

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        Taking care of pests quickly and cleanly

        Consultation if required

        Pro-active internal or external pest prevention programme

        Quick response to infestion

        Specialist Covid Solutions

        TPS COVID and Deep Sanitation Cleaning

        TPS COVID and Deep Sanitation Cleaning

        Ensuring peace of mind for you and your team with complete wraparound support

        Now a critical service for our clients. We face challenges head-on and work with a range of domestic and international suppliers to keep your environment safe. From intensively cleaning washrooms through to deep sanitation and fogging for shared office spaces, we’ll ensure peace of mind for you and your team.

        Our sanitation and fogging solutions reliably deep clean and disinfect

        We have the expertise and know-how to get any surface sanitised and clean, and we adhere to Ministry of Health cleaning guidelines. Our sanitation and fogging services deliver reliable surface disinfection, and our comprehensive maintenance solutions provide confidence ahead of building checks.

        Call or contact us via our simple form to find out how we can take care of your COVID cleaning needs.

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          Our Fast Response, Specialised Service will meet and exceed your COVID cleaning requirements

          Fogging and sanitation cleans

          For full deep cleans of areas suspected of being exposed

          In-depth workstation sanitation cleans

          Taking great care of IT technology

          Carpet cleaning

          A range of carpet solutions ensure a great clean and the right level of sanitation too

          Chairs and fixed seating steam cleans

          Our specialist team can deliver soft furnishing cleans using the latest techniques, providing deep steam and surface cleans simultaneously

          In-depth bathroom cleans

          Deep cleaning provided for bathrooms give staff confidence that they’re in a clean and sanitised environment

          Carpet Cleaning

          TPS Carpet Cleaning

          TPS Carpet Cleaning

          Your Carpet and Upholstery Specialists

          TPS provides expert carpet cleaning services throughout New Zealand, tackling everything from small stains to large-scale carpets. Our professional carpet cleaning teams deliver high-quality services on-time, on-budget and at competitive rates, delivering exceptional results.

          Taking care of spills, and giving carpets a new lease on life

          We’ll maximise the life of your carpet, create healthy environments and take care of even stubborn stains. And to ensure a safe, eco-friendly and effective clean, all our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions utilise the latest techniques and technology. Plus all our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are individually tailored to meet your unique needs.

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            A huge range of responsive and professional Carpet Cleaning Services

            Commercial Carpet Cleaning

            We clean stains, and run regular programmes if required to maintain carpet integrity

            Upholstery Cleaning

            We take care to treat upholstered furniture according to specific fabric care requirements

            Stain Removal

            Our expert technicians use a variety of techniques and specialised products to lift stains without damage

            Flood Restoration

            We extract water and, if required, uplift carpet and underlay to get water damaged carpets clean, dry plus sanitised so they’re mould and bacteria free

            Carpet Cleaning FAQs

            Should carpets be professionally cleaned?

            Some carpet cleaning jobs call for a professional. Professional carpet cleaners have both the training and equipment needed to handle jobs that many common domestic products struggle with. From stubborn stains to industrial sized carpet cleaning jobs, professional carpet cleaners are often a great choice.

            Is it worth having carpets cleaned professionally?

            Professional carpet cleaners can be beneficial for a wide range of situations. From cleaning up after tenants, to ensuring a safe and hygienic workplace, professional carpet cleaners often provide a service that is difficult to emulate with products commonly found in stores.

            How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

            Carpet cleaning rates will often depend on several different factors. These factors include which kind of carpet cleaning you wish to have done, as well as the size of the carpet being cleaned. Professional carpet cleaning rates will be affected by factors which service you select, as well as the area being cleaned. Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions you may have about your carpet cleaning situation.

            All Maintenance Commercial Cleaning

            TPS All Maintenance Commercial Cleaning

            TPS All Maintenance Commercial Cleaning

            Services that take care of your every cleaning need

            We’re a leading provider of office cleaning services. High quality corporate office cleaning plus a variety of commercial cleaning solutions are our specialty. Our national team pride ourselves on delivering sustainable best-in-class solutions to perfectly suit your environment, using the latest equipment and methods to deliver quick, safe, effective results. Covering workstations, restrooms, kitchens and more, our professional office cleaners help create a healthy, hygienic and attractive work environment for your team.

            Cleaning that really works for you

            Every business is different. So we work in an agile, collaborative way to provide customised office cleaning services tailored to perfectly suit your requirements. This includes everything from carpet cleaning to waste management systems, and much more. And for added convenience are services are available during the day, night or weekend, to better fit your business’ needs.

            Contact us today using our simple form, or give us a call to find out how we can work with your business to provide the perfect cleaning solution.

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              Cleaning Services for offices and more

              Customised services

              To better meet building requirements, we work with on-site teams to deliver the right solution

              Sustainable waste management

              We help you reduce waste, in a way that looks after the planet too

              Careful care of workstations, technology and equipment

              Our cleaning team are extra careful during in-depth workspace cleaning

              Stock replenishment

              TPS works with a range of suppliers and can provide competitive costing for superior servicing on all consumable needs


              Our range of innovative bathroom solutions include full automation and a wide range of dispenser servicing as needed


              Our services provide a frequency to match demand, and includes coffee machine servicing, organic waste stream management and more

              Popular Cleaning Options for Office or Commercial

              We also offer many more customisable office cleaning services, covering meeting room spaces, kitchen requirements, concierge services and much more.

              • Cleaning of windows, storefronts, and screens
              • Cleaning of floors, ledges and window sills
              • Carpet cleaning
              • Cleaning of computers and computer accessories including keyboards
              • Cleaning and disinfecting of light switches, door handles, and other often-touched areas
              • Refitting clean disposal bags inside bins
              • Cleaning of wood fixtures and fittings including doors, tables, and furniture
              • Dusting and cleaning of ceilings, lights, fans, and other fixtures
              • Cleaning of bins and other receptacles

              Sustainable Office Cleaning

              At TPS we pride ourselves on embracing sustainable office cleaning practices such as using environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible and reducing chemical use. Our commercial cleaning team can also work with you to implement sustainable office waste reduction practices such as improved recycling facilities and organic waste reduction.

              Office Cleaning Prices

              We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to office cleaning. Our account managers spend the time to understand how your business works, the size of the space and the frequency required to provide the best office cleaning solution possible. From initiatives such as sustainability plans, to hot desking or other shared office plans, our helpful management team work collaboratively to find opportunities to help you enhance your space, and we’ll take care of everything you need.

              We take pride in delivering high-quality, customised service at competitive rates

              So, for a personalised office cleaning quote, talk to our friendly team today, or use the form at the top of this page.

              Office Cleaning FAQS

              What is included in office cleaning?

              Our range of office cleaning services covers all of the commercial office cleaning bases, including cleaning floors, carpets, workstations, office equipment and kitchens. Our huge and flexible range of office cleaning services can be tailored to meet a client’s specific needs.

              How much does it cost to have an office cleaned?

              Our office cleaning rates are competitive and we do our best to keep prices down while providing high quality services. Specific rates may depend on factors including which office cleaning services you wish to carry out, as well as the size of the office space. Our staff are happy to discuss your specific office cleaning needs with you.

              How much does it cost to deep clean an office?

              Specific deep clean rates may depend on factors including which office cleaning services you want, as well as the size of the office space you wish to deep clean. Talk to us to discuss your specific office cleaning situation, and we’ll happily accommodate your needs.