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  • Behind the scenes
    in your business

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Our Vision

We create amazing environments for people to work in by providing world-class cleaning and support services.

Trusted to deliver

Since our foundation in 1982, we have grown from a small team providing cleaning services to the brand we are today; offering a complete and innovative range of facility maintenance services.

We are renowned for being a people-first organisation. In an industry where the market is competing at the cheapest price for labour, we have persisted in paying extra and taking on additional cost to look after our people – and we have been richly rewarded in the loyalty and long-term service of our staff.

Owner Glen Gordon has served more than 10 years with the Building Services Contractors of New Zealand (BSCNZ) council, most recently as vice president and president. A lot of this work has focused on advocacy for fairer employment conditions for cleaning staff and innovations within the industry.

Get in touch

National contact details:
Freephone: 0800 868 251
Phone:  (09) 302 2380
Customer Service Centre: csc@tps.co.nz




    Awarded Lifetime Achievement by Cleansweep 2016

  • Proud members of BSC

  • We are so impressed with her service and see her as one of our team.
    She is always very friendly, conscientious and efficient.

    Individual feedback on a TPS Cleaner