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Total Property Services’ height access technicians specialise in gaining access to difficult areas that tradespeople normally can’t reach. Our experienced team will work with you to provide short or long-term height access solutions in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Our height access services range from exterior cleaning and maintenance to full height access services for skyscrapers and multilevel commercial buildings. Our highly trained commercial height access team prides itself on getting to know your business, so that we can minimise disruption while completing jobs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Get in touch using our simple form, or give us a call today to find out how our height access experts can work with your business.

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  • IRAANZ-qualified rope technicians
  • A customised, innovative approach to height access
  • Experienced and highly capable height access team

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    Commercial Height Access Services

    Our commercial height access services include a range of cleaning, painting, and general maintenance solutions. Our height-access experts will help meet your short or long-term height access, commercial cleaning and property maintenance needs without compromising on safety. Whether you require a height access solution for a building inspection, to install signage, for painting, or to wash your building and windows, our IRAANZ-qualified rope technicians have the skills and expertise to access any surface or confined space at any height. TPS’s height access services are perfect for improving the overall look of recently finished builds, as well as tidying up well established buildings.

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    Total Property Services

    Your commercial property partner, taking care of business.

    Taking care of you

    When you choose TPS as your height access partner, our account managers take the time to understand your business and property. We want to know how your business works so we can provide the best height access services, tailored to your specific requirements.

    We are recognised within the industry as early adopters of leading-edge systems and processes. We do this so we can make sure your total property needs are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

    Re-thinking Machinery

    We continually look for innovation in machinery and methods to drive greater efficiency, sustainability and effectiveness.

    For example, we have invested in hard-floor machinery that strips and seals without using harsh chemicals, removing the laborious task for our workers and keeping the environment safer.

    Agility and Diversification

    With our extensive range of services you can pick and choose as few or as many service lines to suit your contractual needs. If you need an extra helping hand, just ask.

    You can quickly access a variety of additional services such as mailroom services, milk delivery, meeting room resetting and more with one phone call or email.

    Real Time Service Support

    Our network of experienced and dedicated Customer Service Managers (CSMs) across New Zealand provide customised, hands-on and regular support direct to you and your site. CSMs are the key to supporting our front line staff to ensure we meet your expectations.

    We use FreshDesk as our ticketing system to support our CSMs. The software captures every request and automatically tracks them until they are complete. It integrates reporting so we can set KPIs to meet your specific needs every time, and create real solutions that deliver.

    Height Access Services Auckland

    TPS’s height access team offers a full range of height access services in Auckland. As a leading commercial height access provider, our height access team members are all licensed IRAANZ-qualified rope technicians and bring a professional and safe service to all of our height access contracts. If you any questions, get in touch with our Auckland height access team on 0800 868 251 today.

    Height Access FAQs

    What is commercial height access?

    Commercial height access is maintenance carried out by trained professionals, involving hard-to-reach areas of a building. The general upkeep of a large building’s facilities often requires height access specialists to carry out the job safely and effectively. IRAANZ-qualified technicians should be used to carry out height access services while maximising safety.

    What does commercial height access include?

    Commercial height access services include exterior maintenance ranging from exterior cleaning, painting hard-to-reach areas, bird proofing, and carrying out maintenance on gutters, and other external fixtures.

    How do you choose a height access company?

    When choosing a height access company, the trust that clients place in the company is an important factor. IRAANZ-qualified height access teams have the experience and qualifications to carry out height access jobs safely.

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