World-class cleaningand support services

World-class cleaning and support services

Your next-generation full-service property partner

At TPS we extend our service lens to deliver full-circle property care that’s sustainable, innovative and works for you.

Trusted to deliver

With TPS, you will receive service second to none.

That’s because we care; we care to meet your expectations, we care about our team, we care about our planet and our communities. We care to be innovative and to complete every job to the highest quality.

We consider environmental outcomes in everything we do and are here to support your business to become more sustainable. This could be adding waste management and recycling to a commercial cleaning contract or taking the time with an electrical contract to see what additional support we can provide.

Our values

We have grown from a small team providing cleaning services to today’s complete and innovative suite of total facility maintenance services but our core values remain the same.


Delivering exceptional

We’re proudly New Zealand owned and operated. We take ownership of solutions and drive results. We treat client assets as though they are our own.


Pride in service

Our business was founded on a ‘can do’ attitude. We believe hard work creates results. We’re known for our positive and energetic spirit.


Going above and beyond

We can count on each other to achieve great results. Our trust in our team puts us ahead. Clients recognise our commitment to their business.


Turning up the heat

We thrive on a challenge and we’re not afraid to dig in and get the job done. We love what we do and we’re doing it with love.

Taking care of you

When you invest in TPS to take care of business, we take care to look after you. We don’t believe one size fits all. Instead, our account managers customise each part of your experience to provide a service that best reflects your needs.

We are recognised within the industry as early adopters of leading-edge systems and processes. We do this so we can make sure your total property needs are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Re-thinking Machinery

We continually look for innovation in machinery and methods to drive greater efficiency, sustainability and effectiveness.

For example, we have invested in hard-floor machinery that strips and seals without using harsh chemicals, removing the laborious task for our workers and keeping the environment safer.

Agility and Diversification

With our extensive range of services you can pick and choose as few or as many service lines to suit your contractual needs. If you need an extra helping hand, just ask.

You can quickly access a variety of additional services such as mailroom services, milk delivery, meeting room resetting and more with one phone call or email.

Real Time Service Support

Our network of experienced and dedicated Customer Service Managers (CSMs) across New Zealand provide customised, hands-on and regular support direct to you and your site. CSMs are the key to supporting our front line staff to ensure we meet your expectations.

We use FreshDesk as our ticketing system to support our CSMs. The software captures every request and automatically tracks them until they are complete. It integrates reporting so we can set KPIs to meet your specific needs every time, and create real solutions that deliver.

Taking care of our community

We choose to support community organisations and initiatives that work to enhance the lives of others.


We partner with organisations who desire to be part of the Living Wage Movement.

We have partnered with Will&Able, an organisation creating jobs for Kiwis with disabilities, to distribute their plant-based eco-friendly products into our corporate buildings staff kitchens.

We also work with Dignity NZ to give our clients and staff free access to feminine hygiene products.

Recycling and Enriching

We collect milk bottles on-site for Abilities Group to remove them from the recycling stream. Abilities Group enriches the lives of people with disabilities by providing them with meaningful work.

Our clients

TPS has provided solutions that not only meet the budget but deliver innovative solutions to drive our vision of creating great environments.